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In addition to our video content on social media, we hope these resources help you get One Click Better in whatever area you're looking to level up in.  

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Financial Health & Budget Spreadsheet

Getting your finances in order is a great place to start if you want to begin getting your shit together. 


Follow the steps laid out below in the Financial Snapshot Guide.  These steps walk you through how to use the Financial Health Spreadsheet linked below it.  Simply read through the instructions in the guide, and then click one of the links to the spreadsheet below, depending on how you want to open it.  If you open the spreadsheet as a "Google Sheet", click "File > make a copy" to create your own editable spreadsheet in Google Sheets, or download the spreadsheet as an Excel file and work on it on your computer that way.  Alternatively, you can open the spreadsheet as an XLS file and then open it in the Number app, Numbers on your Mac, or Excel.

Here's the link to the spreadsheet on Google Sheets:

Here's the link to the spreadsheet as an XLS file:

Goals & Values Worksheet

Do you want a “compass” for life? Want to be able to make all decisions better and easier ? Then start here.


Defining your values and then living in line with them might be the most important thing you ever do.


I can’t believe we never learned this in school. 📓✏️


They ask us what we want to be…? What college do we want to go to…? 

But we never learned the importance of living a life aligned with your values. 🧭🗺

Click the PDF icon to download the worksheet.

Sleep Guide

If you don’t have good sleep it’s basically a root cause of all diseases and from anxiety to Alzheimer’s 🧠


Elon musk even makes sure he gets at least 6 hours a night now since he’s realized overall production goes down when you mess with sleep no matter how much caffeine you consume ☕️


We recommend 7 - 9 hrs 🕣😴


If you do this tonight you will perform better tomorrow, have more energy, and even start to loose body fat.

Click the PDF icon to download the guide!

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