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Matt is passionate about helping people live healthy, fulfilled lives that are more aligned with their values.

Resourceful and highly driven, Matt is constantly doing research on health and wellness topics like optimizing sleep habits, physical activity, and nutrition.  Matt’s own experience with anxiety and his own bad habits led him down the rabbit hole of self development, health & wellness. He knows 1st hand how difficult it is to maintain health while working full-time and juggling the many habits and expectations of the modern world.  

Matt tries to keep it simple by teaching people what actionable steps they can take that will have the biggest impact on improving their lives. Matt packs a punch in his 60 second videos aimed to improve mental and physical health, help people develop new habits, set goals, optimize their finances, choose non-toxic products for their families and learn the fundamentals in areas that may be holding them back. 


Matt graduated from The College of Staten Island with a Bachelors Degree in Business and then went on to complete his Master of Public Administration from Fairleigh Dickinson University (magna cum laude). Matt worked for a large government agency as a contract supervisor with long unfulfilled hours in his office eventually pushing him to move “off-grid” with Emily and start living a life aligned with his values. 

When Matt isn’t busy scripting the next video you can find him walking Mia, listening to audiobooks, working out, or doing research. 

Guilty pleasure: Emily's homemade pizza - vodka sauce and meatballs 

Couldn’t live without: Mia 🐶


Emily is a formally trained chemist who has “seen the light” in terms of the dangers of the chemical industry, big-pharma, and industrialized agriculture and now works diligently to advocate for non-toxic living that is safest for us humans and the planet as a whole.  

Emily loves reminding people that the word “fragrance” on an ingredient list can be over 3,000 different toxic ingredients, that artificial dyes in food are absolutely unnecessary and often dangerous, and that knowing your farmer and buying grass-fed and finished beef is 1000% worth it.   

Emily is both the creative force and the scientific advisor behind the content here.  She loves coming up with new and creative ways to present and teach health & wellness topics so that it’s engaging and helpful.

Emily majored in chemistry at Goucher College and then went on to receive her masters in Chemistry from New York University.  Emily taught Chemistry at the high school and undergraduate level for several years and while she loves teaching, she felt like she was only getting to teach part of the story and that there is so much more to chemistry and the chemicals in our world that is both immediately helpful and utterly necessary, which people deserve to learn about.  

When she isn’t editing the next video, you can find Emily cooking up something delicious, sewing something weird (but cool!) or training to beat her back squat PR.

Ideal snack: a cup of earl gray tea and a ginger snap ☕️🍪

Favorite activity: tennis without keeping score

Together, we are a complete unit. 

Our goal is to impact 1 million people by providing information, tools, and resources that inspire you to take control of your health, your finances, your life and make a positive change that will ripple through the generations to come.  We want to be of service to you on your quest to become  1 Click Better every damn day.  

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